We are Madhouse Wargaming!


We are a channel from Abbotsford, BC , focused on bringing our best to the wargaming hobby and community through our Warhammer 40k & AOS Battle reports, tactica vids and tutorials.

Our goal is to help grow and expand the wargaming hobby through our content & community interactions. We aim to entertain , amuse and inform you with our coverage of our favorite tabletop wargames.

Meet our team!

Our team has a collective 40+ years of experience with the hobby, covering everything from narrative gaming, campaign play , hobby, and competitive play.


Jason ‘JP’ Peterson
Proprietor, Content Creator, Painter, Guy with the tats
Armies: Blood Angels, Druhkari

Ryan ‘The Hammer” Hamar
Editor, Content Creator, Painter
Armies: Astra Militarum, Death Guard, Space Wolves, Admech, Black Legion, Alpha Legion

Jason ‘Moody’ Moody
Content Creator,
Armies: Necrons, Grey Knights, Raven Guard, Inquisition

Ross ” The Voice” Garad
Editor, Content Creator, Meme-lord
Armies: Tyranids, Death Guard

Vuk Djordjevic
Community pillar, Content creator,
Armies: Genestealer Cult, Death Guard

Grant Foulger
Nerd Haven Games Staff, Content Creator, Super cool dude
Armies: Emperor’s Children, Chaos Daemons, Renegade Knights